Kids play, schools fundraise

Subscribe families in your Pre-K or K-5 school to our mobile playdate app and keep nearly half of the proceeds

What your school gets

Hassle-free setup 🍹

No need to organise events or sell merchandise! Simply send out email invites to our app and receive funds automatically for the next 5 years!

40% of the proceeds 💵

When a family from your school purchases a yearly Kiddoyo Premium subscription for $49.99, your school gets 40% back, paid to your school each month. No coupons, real cash!

More playdates for kids ⚽

What could make your kid happier than playing with friends? Help parents in your classroom connect and arrange playdates outside of school.

Happy parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Give parents the gift of free time! The next time they are looking for a babysitter or help while running a few errands they can use Kiddoyo instead to find local playdates for their kids. Parents can even earn cash for hosting playdates!

Well-knit classes ✊

A playdate can strengthen friendships between families and even help kids and parents collaborate better on classroom and schoolwide initiatives.

How much your school can earn? 💰

Enter the number of families in your school

Discuss with your colleagues

Start a conversation about our fundraising program in your school by sharing this page with other PTA and PTO members, teachers or school administration.

Get in touch ✉️

We will reach out to you in order to verify that you represent the school and to provide you with a special school login.