Arrange a Playdate for your Kids, Get Free Time, Save Money

Kids meet friends, parents get free time

Meet families in your neighborhood, arrange playdates for your kids, earn Play Hours and exchange them for free time or cash!

Playmates and Profile

Find playmates, not babysitters

Between running a family and taking care of ourselves, meeting new families with kids can be challenging. With Kiddoyo you can join local groups, add your kids’ besties and connect with families who live nearby.

Get some rest while your kids on playdate

Keep track of all your invitations and scheduled playdates in one place. Want to host a playdate? Create a simple playdate invite and share it to multiple families with just a few clicks. Earn Play Hours when you choose to host a kids-only playdate.

Playdate Feed
Drop-off Playdate

Ask families around you for help

Planning a date night with someone special or want to have some quiet time to yourself? Send a drop-off request to parents in your neighborhood to see if they can host a playdate for your kiddos while you enjoy some much needed you-time!

Earn cash for hosting drop-off playdate

Help other parents by inviting their kids to a playdate with yours. Earn Play Hours for looking after their kids. Sell your banked Play Hours on Kiddoyo’s marketplace to other families who may not have enough time to host playdates.

Play Hours

Free download 🤗

🔸 Join or create playdate groups

🔸 Connect with other playmates

🔸 Add friends to besties

🔸 Arrange regular playdates

🔸 Accept drop-off invites

🔸 Track Play Hours

Upgrade to Premium 😎

$49.99 per year or $4.99 per month

Save 20% with yearly subscription. One month free trial, cancel anytime.

🔸 Meet 100% verified neighbors

Once you verify your home address, you will be able to join “My neighbors” group and connect with families who confirmed their address and purchased a subscription.

🔸 Host drop-off playdates 

Host unlimited amount of drop-off playdates to earn Play Hours which you can later sell on Kiddoyo’s Marketplace.


Kiddoyo + Schools

We love helping schools fundraise every year and will donate 40% of your yearly subscription when you join your Class Playdate Group.

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